The group has a mailing list which functions as a noticeboard and general discussion forum. It is a “closed” group, and you must request to become a member of the mailing list. Messages on the noticeboard are only readable by members. It is implemented as a Google Group. You’ll find most events will have reminders posted to this mailing list.

Be aware that messages posted to the mailing list are optionally copied to individual members email addresses, either as individual messages or in digest form. Your email address will show on messages you post, and messages will be delivered to your subscribed email address. As such, it is best that you not use a work, school or family email address for this purpose.

When requesting to join the mailing list please supply a brief introduction and your reasons for wishing to join. This will enable the mailing list moderators to decide if your request is from a real person, not a spammer, and the intro is visible only to these moderators, not to the list as a whole.

Joining is a click away, approval may take some time to be handled.

You can read the list once joined from here.


There is also a discussion group on FetLife. This has much less privacy, as anyone on FetLife can join, and anyone signed in to FetLife can read all messages in the group. The FetLife group is here