• What is a Sig?

    Special Interest Groups

    As Uncommon Bonds grows, a growing number of SIGs, or Special Interest Groups, have formed, to cater for various needs within our community. Each of these SIGs is part of the overall Uncommon Bonds "family", and shares in the resources and life of the local BDSM community.

    These SIG groups might just have occasional informal coffee and chat sessions, they might get together to discuss specific areas of common interest, or they may well organize major events on their own behalf.

    Below is the list of current UB SIGs. Explore what’s on offer, and see what piques your interest!

    Note that many of these SIGs have an online presence on FetLife. This is a free to join website for the global fetish community. We’ve added handy links where relevant in the descriptions below.

  • ARC - Animal Roleplay, Canterbury

    ARC is a community for those interested in, or curious about animal role play. We will host discussions and events in the Canterbury area, and all are welcome to attend.

    There is a Fetlife discussion group here

  • Canterbury S/M SIG

    Canterbury S/M SIG is aimed at all those delicious dark people in Canterbury who are interested or involved in the wonderful world that is Sadomasochism. Whether you identify as a Sadomasochist, Sadist or Masochist, this is where we like to play.

    The S/M SIG focuses on those players who enjoy more extreme type of play. We relish it, love it, are excited by it or just roll in the blood bath like pigs in muck! Ok, we love blood ... lots of blood!

    We enjoy education and run '201 (the next level) Workshops' on a reasonably regular basis, such as Heavy Impact, Master/slave Dynamics, Interrogation & Torture, Sadistic Electricity, Processing Pain, A Sadists Point of View, Humiliation, Water Sports (not just pee!) and so on. We hold monthly meetings, parties and occasionally pain inducing events.

    We are naturally non pc, have rather dark senses of humor and are often just simply brutal, but of course we're very friendly! You're welcome to share your thoughts, ideas and conversations about the world of Sadomasochism.

    Check out the SIGs FetLife group here

  • DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl)

    DD/lg Christchurch is a social group aimed towards anyone who identifies as:

    • Daddy Dom
    • Mommy Domme
    • Caregiver
    • babygirl/babyboy
    • little
    • middle
    • adult baby

    This group aims to hold regular social activities to form bonds of friendship within the Christchurch DD/lg community.

    There is a Fetlife Group for the SIG here

  • Equipment SIG

    The Equipment SIG is for anyone with an interest in making their own toys and equipment.

    A friendly social group we get together most months and share ideas. We spend most of our time helping each other with those tricky bits and pieces.

    The SIG also comes up with ideas for new and improved club equipment. These are designed and costed, then approved by the group as a whole, before they are built. If you have any ideas for equipment you would like to see added, this is the place to be.

    UB has a range of equipment that we use for our parties. Members are welcome to borrow items with certain conditions.

    Watch the mailing list or calendar for details of the next meeting.

  • FemmeDomme SIG

    The Femme Dommes of Uncommon Bonds are a diverse group of women who have joined together for the common purpose of exploring Female Dominance within the practice of BDSM.

    We are lifestyle Femme Dommes who are interested in Female Dominance in our private and personal lives.  Some of us have submissive partners. Some of us are single.  Some of us have vanilla partners. And some of us are people searching for where we fit.

    We welcome participation from all Femme Dommes, submissives and switches interested in Female Dominance within BDSM .

    If you want to know more, e-mail femmedomme@uncommonbonds.org.nz or  the Femme Domme SIG Greeter, Freedom.

  • Rope Skill Share

    This is a group for those that are interested in rope in the Canterbury and surrounding areas.

    At present, there are monthly rope skill shares on the third Sunday of each month, between 1 and 4pm. Cost is $5 to attend.

    There is a FetLife group for this SIG here

  • subSIG

    The subSIG is open to all submissives regardless of age or gender.  If you aren’t quite sure if you’re a sub, or you’re a switch who wants to explore your submissive side, you’re welcome too.

    The subSIG generally meets on the first Tuesday evening in each month, but do keep an eye on the mailing list. It is usually held at a private venue, e-mail for address details. We try and have a discussion topic at each meeting, but don’t feel that’s all you can talk about!

    If you want to know when the next meeting will be, send an e-mail to subSIG@uncommonbonds.org.nz

    subSIG meetings involve chatting about matters that are of interest to submissives, as well as plenty of general socializing and chat.  There’s also a bit of a focus on the education and learning side, as well as pooling resources and useful information.

    So if you’re interested, get in touch and come along for a tea, coffee and a scone - if there are any left!

  • Other local interest groups

    TNG (The Next Generation) - Christchurch TNG is a group established to promote and facilitate the gathering of 18 - 35 and significant others with an emphasis on socialisation, education and kinship. It is npt an official UB SIG, but many of its members are also members of UB, and they have a close working relationship with UB.

    See their FetLife page here